Some experiences are meant to make an impact in one’s life and when I landed in Toronto on August 7th at 1:50pm, I knew that this would be one of them. While I walked around the airport with some of the other BC girls, we ended up running into more of our pageant girls and I got even more excited! After reaching the hotel, the next big surprise was our roommates.

I got put with Cassie, Miss Teenage Nipissing! We settled into our rooms, and relaxed for a few hours until it was time to meet our sponsors. Our amazing sponsor party happened at the Edward Village Hotel in Toronto at around 7:00pm.

With over 55+ girls in room, it was definitely time to introduce ourselves and try and remember each other’s names! Michelle and Rob gave some speeches and then we were left to explore the sponsor party on our own. The first thing my roommate and I wanted to do was to grab our province designated sashes, which were all laid out on display!

The Nine West table was definitely my favourite because I was eyeing the heels the entire time. We were encouraged to try on these shoes, since they’re the same ones we’ll receive this week!

Our sponsors range from small to medium size business entrepreneurs who see effects of pageants on society and want to impact and support it for the better. All of our sponsors, in one way or another, relate to pageants and this ends up being a perfect partnership for both of us!

Moving along the line, I found Rob running the Archer Dental booth and giving away small bags of goodies to everyone. These bags held dental supplies (toothbrushes & toothpaste) from a very famous Toronto dentist- Dr Natalie Archer. Natalie has supported the pageant for many years and is a local business leader who supports women in the sciences too.


Now, if you remember reading my Street Chic article, you probably want to know about the roots of the magazine too! Lilly Liao from the magazine was there. Her team is very successful and has published over thirty fashion blogs along with over half of them submitted by the Miss Teenage Canada delegates. Lily even gave every delegate a beautiful pair of earrings. This magazine really showcases the uniqueness of everyone’s fashion styles and concepts. If I had one word of advice for Lily’s magazine I would say that it should have the links of the websites of the fashion companies.

Here is the link to my Street Chic article called Vancity Chic:

Vancity Chic in New Westminster, Vancouver



These super gorgeous time pieces were brought from Dahlia DeSouza from UptotheTime Watches! These amazing watches are available on their online catalog. We all received a necklace and in addition to that we were asked the pick the watch we would want if we WON the Miss Teenage Canada title next Sunday night.


Judy, a music teacher from the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Missisauga brought us a very special #SongSelfie challenge for Instagram. We were allowed to select one out of five instruments and record a performance for Instagram using the #songselfie hashtag. The prize is a new cordless microphone and the video with the most likes at the end of the night on Wednesday, will receive it.





Everytime the delegates posted something on Instagram with the #MTC2017 , Hashtagio would come in handy. The hashtagio social media aggregator collects and displays all the best shots on the website in a special manner! Standard Telecom is co-sponsoring this service and all week long we are encouraged to post our favourite moments using that hashtag!






I love accessories so I can say that I was beyond excited to see Super Adorbs as one of our sponsors! Their accessories will highlight any style, or occasion. The main headquarters are in Toronto but, thankfully, the company does sell online all across Canada! You can seriously showcase individuality with their accessories.

Facebook: Instagram: @superadorbsco
Social Media Contest:  A special $70 gift pack from Super Adorbs will be given to the contestant with the best social media coverage! The most important step is to hashtag it ‘superadorbsco’ . The gift pack will be filled with accessories and goodies. Thank you Super Adorbs!

Extra Fun: Another thing our amazing sponsor Super Adorbs gave to us is 3 Geofilters on Snapchat which we can use between 5-10pm every night!

The Super Adorbs table was run by Alice Li, Miss Toronto World 2017 who was in this very room a couple of weeks ago competing for Miss World Canada. Alice did amazing and placed fourth place!

The night ended with pizza, cake and lots of fun! Thank you sponsors for making this experience amazing for us, and for all your support!



Written by: Samriddhi

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