As we start the countdown towards the pageant week, there are certain tasks and fun activities we have to do. One of such, was when I got to foray into the fashion street styles found in Lower Mainland. My task was to pick a street in my region, and interview the locals on what they’re wearing and how that style is incorporated in their daily lifestyle. I chose the street of Quayside Drive in New Westminster. This street holds significance because New Westminster is a place where diversity is really showcased and that’s what I wanted to capture.

I asked locals to give me a little biography about themselves, so I can better try to understand them. Being Miss Teenage Lower Mainland isn’t just about attending events and being a local celebrity. It’s about connecting to your community and getting to know the people that continuously support you as a whole, and that’s just what I tried to. Learning about these people’s lives gave me better insight on different cultures and I learnt a lot from it. Let’s dabble a little into the uniqueness of the styles found.

Photography: Shubhi Singh

All 3 of these amazing women have their own unique style going on and that the beauty in it. Ketki (left side) gave a very powerful message “I believe in staying classy and elegant and let yourself stand out with your simplicity. I think that inner beauty of a person matters more than the outer appearances. The substance of your personality, makes you, YOU. So stay simple, have faith, love nature and stay beautiful”.

During this shoot, people actually started thinking about what materials their clothes are made from and whether it’s affecting the environment or not. This experience not only credits the work of designers but brings it to the centre of attention using the online magazine, Street Chic. This blog post is the smallest sneak peak ever to the actual article I wrote! You can view the original article right here:

Vancity Chic in New Westminster, Vancouver

Thank you Street Chic for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank you all for the love and support you continuously provide me with. I look forward to being a part of your lives, during the pageant week.


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.


Written by: Samriddhi

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