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Sign Source Solution; a company which specializes in printing and event signage, has generously donated a banner to the Miss Teenage Canada organization.  As a result of this, all of the Miss Teenage Canada national delegates have been challenged to put their creativity to the test, and create an original design for the banner!  The winning design is to be displayed in Toronto’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre at the finals for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, on July 24th.

First, I decided I wanted to create my own Miss Teenage Canada logo.  I knew that I wanted to incorporate a crown, and a maple leaf, so I began sketching some designs on paper.

After finally finding a program that allowed me to make the logo I had drawn out, I came up with the following.

Following much consideration, I decided to change the design of the crown to something more simple to match the flow of the font for “Miss” and “Canada”, and change the font of “Teenage” to something thinner, to match the thickness of the lines used in the rest of the logo.

Next, it was time to create the actual banner.  I wanted to feature Miss Teenage Canada’s slogan, “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful”, and make the banner eye-catching and visually appealing to teenage girls.  I included some a few benefits about the pageant to provide additional information to girls that may not be familiar with Miss Teenage Canada, while maintaining the fresh and simplistic feel.  Finally, when I was satisfied with my design, I clicked save and…

I’m really proud of the banner design I made, because I believe that it encompasses what Miss Teenage Canada can offer young girls.  I also believe that it will capture the attention and interest of girls ages 13-18, and encourage them to further pursue the pageant!  So without further ado, I present to you…

My completed design!

The winner will be announced at Miss Teenage Canada on July 24th, be sure to watch the livestream of the pageant to find out whose banner is the winner!  I’ll post the livestream link on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram when it becomes available, so make sure you’re following those to keep up-to-date.

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Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2016


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