The slogan for B.C is ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ and my region sure does prove it right. It doesn’t matter where you are because there is always a gorgeous scenic location just 10 minutes away. That’s why, when talking about my favourite place in B.C , it’s really hard to narrow it down to only one location! My favourite place would have to be the New Westminster Quay because of the historical significance it holds. A long time ago, this city was chosen as the capital of the new colony of British Columbia by Queen Victoria herself. New Westminster soon started to be called “The Royal City” and was the first city in Western Canada. It used to be considered the ‘downtown’ of Vancouver until just a little while ago. Since this place also used to be a port for ships, the New Westminster Quay captures the true significance and beauty of this gorgeous city.

The Quay includes a River Market. This River Market has everything from a farmer’s market to restaurants, gift shops and learning centres. Services such as pottery making, Vancouver Circus School, and riverboat tours are all available here. Very soon, a ferry will also be starting from here to a cute little city called Queensborough. The River Market is also a great place to grab gelato!

When headed towards the right side of the Quay, it won’t be hard to miss these adorable houses! There are multiple little complexes/townhomes right alongside the Quay which enhance the beauty. Someone living in a place likes this must be truly happy because they’ve got everything they ever need. A gorgeous view of the river, a market and everything is in walking distance!



Speaking of the river, let’s not forget who it was named after. The Fraser River was named after Simon Fraser, who built the first European settlement in B.C. Simon Fraser was a fur-trader and explorer who mapped most of what is now known as British Columbia. He was in charge of building the area’s first trading port, thus he ended up exploring the Fraser River, now named after him. The New West Quay honors him with this statue.

While exploring the Quay, if you walk towards the left side, there is a nice sitting area, with lounge chairs, an amazing view of the river and even a playground for kids. This is a great spot for a picnic, lunch or just a day out with friends or family. You’ll find entertainment, food, and a peaceful place to relax. The Quay almost always has something going on! On Wednesdays, there is free yoga in the park. Thursdays is Music By the River. And Fridays are always buzzing with Fridays On Front which showcases the night market! It’s never a dull moment there.

New West Quay became my favourite place because whenever I needed time to think, a place to write poetry or just to relax, it always offered me a welcoming and calm environment. My thoughts cleared up here and I found myself wanting to come back every now and then. I would be surrounded by flowers, water, and a very busy place but it always seemed to comfort me. The most unique part of the Quay is that no matter how busy it gets, you can always find a place to yourself and your thoughts.  

One of the best things at the Quay, is the bridge that connects it. This cool, lit up bridge is even more beautiful at night and in the evenings because of it’s lighting. It ties everything together and connects the Quay to the rest of the city showing that it’s an important part of New Westminster.

This was just a mini tour of MY favourite place in BC. I want to know what your favourite place in your region is, so comment and let me know!

Thank you all for your continuous support, it means the world to me! Stay tuned for my other blog assignments and updates during pageant week.


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.


Written by: Samriddhi

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