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Instead of just doing a blog post about the events I attended this weekend, I thought it would be more interesting to “take you with me” for the duration of it.  So, to take a glimpse into an average weekend for Miss Teenage Lower Mainland, please keep reading!  Fun fact: I actually ended up re-writing this three times, as my laptop died twice before I could save it… third time’s a charm?

June 25

8:30 am

At 8:30, my alarm goes off, and I get out of bed.  (After pressing snooze a few times!)  I go downstairs, make a green smoothie, (I’ve been loving spinach, mango, and pineapple topped with chia seeds for protein lately) and then head back up to my bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth.  I then get dressed, and put on my crown and sash.  (My favourite part!)

10:00 am

A kind girl I had the honour of face painting on.

A kind girl I had the honour of face painting on.

About half an hour later, I arrive at Central Park for Variety’s Picnic in the Park.  (No, not the Central Park in New York, we have our own in Burnaby!)  This annual event benefits Variety, with special needs children as the focus.  I volunteered to help out, and was assigned to face painting.  I had an amazing time talking to and getting to know all of the children, and finding out what made each of them special!



2:30 pm

As soon as I get home, I open up my laptop and work on some blog posts.  After I finish one, I decide to go upstairs and clean my room.  (Really not my favourite thing to do, but it has to be done.)  Luckily, not too soon later my

Mmmm... delicious!

Mmmm… delicious!

dogs begin barking, signalling for me to take them for a walk!  (Saved by the barks??)  So, I temporarily escape cleaning my room while I take them for a walk.  When I get back home from our walk, I’m really hot, so I decide to make frozen banana popsicles.  These are one of my favourite treats to make during the hot summer months, as they are super easy to make, delicious, and relatively healthy!  All I do is cut a banana in half, stick a popsicle in each half, put on the toppings of my choice, and freeze the bananas!  This time, I made some with dark chocolate and peanut butter, and some with dark chocolate and coconut flakes.

6:30 pm

When my family gets home, they look exhausted, so I decide to make them dinner.  I make brown rice, sautéed kale, butternut squash, and grilled peaches.  Despite my younger siblings being picky eaters, they finish their portions, which to me is a good indication that it tasted good!  After dinner I practise piano, until my sister interrupts me and begs me to watch an episode of The Mindy Project with her.  (I couldn’t turn this down.)  Then, since I can hardly contain my excitement for Miss Teenage Canada, (it’s just over 2 weeks away) I go up to my room and start putting together outfits to wear during the week in Toronto.

12:00 am

After I re-create the semi-cleaned mess in my room, I get ready for bed, and go to sleep.

June 27

7:00 am

At 7:00 I get out of bed, and change into leggings and a sports bra.  As I hurriedly run out the door, I grab a Whole Foods “Eye Opener” juice- one of my favourites, made up of orange, apple, and carrot cold-pressed juices.  I love it because it always gives me an extra boost of energy!

8:00 am

Just before 8:00, my mom and I arrive at Yyoga’s Northshore Elements studio, ready to tackle today’s class: pilates.  Lately, I’ve been loving yoga to supplement cardio workouts like jogging and spin class.  I loved today’s pilates class because it focused on core strength and toning!  (Important when you’ll be wearing a swimsuit on stage soon!)

9:15 am

As soon as I get home, I take a shower.  (An essential for me after any workout.)  Then, I select a gown to wear for the event I am attending today, and get in the car, ready for the long drive to Abbotsford for the Sparkle Project gala.

1:00 pm

At around 1:00, I arrive in Abbotsford for the first-ever Sparkle Project gala.  The Sparkle Project is an organization which promotes self-confidence and empowerment for girls and women.  The gala had a conference-like setting, with several speakers and fun activities!  The speakers were all so inspirational, and one thought that really resonated with me was that as women, we are still too focused on our outer beauty, as opposed to our capability to make a difference in the world.  The Sparkle Project is very important to me as it’s core values are very similar to my platform, which is to motivate and empower young women to achieve greatness.

With Miss Teenage Southwestern British Columbia, Miss Teenage Surrey, and Miss Teenage Maple Ridge at the Sparkle Project gala!

With Miss Teenage Southwestern British Columbia, Miss Teenage Surrey, and Miss Teenage Maple Ridge at the Sparkle Project gala!

6:00 pm

When I get home, I once again get working on some blog posts.  On most Sunday evenings during the summer, my family has friends over for dinner.  Tonight, I am helping my mom make salmon burgers on the barbecue.  After everyone finishes eating, I ask our guests if I can play them a song on the piano, and they cheerfully give their approval.  I’m always excited to have the opportunity to practise performing my piece for the Miss Teenage Canada talent competition!

12:00 am

Finally, at midnight, it’s time for me to go to bed.

I hope everyone enjoyed “following me along” for the weekend!

Until next time,


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2016

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