My first lunch at Miss Teenage Canada 2018 was absolutely spectacular! The day consisted of busy hours of getting hair & makeup done for our photoshoots, videos, and interviews. So when lunchtime hit, i was so relieved to recieve a full and hearty meal from ! Coming from B.C, salmon was my favourite dish and  Quino was always in my household. I felt so refreshed when i could get a taste of home on a work day.

After a long rehersal, i came back in my room to dig in a some delicious sweet potato and marinated chicken. These meals excellently fufill healthy standards and are yummy to eat!

Its important to consume the right amount of food each day in order to achieve the best of our abilities! Im so glad had my back !

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Hello! My name is Karina and I am this years Miss Teenage lower mainland B.C! This is my first time in a pageant and since I had such an amazing & memorable time at Miss Teen B.C, I cannot wait for this summer’s Miss Teenage Canada. I have always wanted to share my love for public speaking, art, and education with the world, so thank you to all who made my platform become possible.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am currently working on raising money for UNICEF to send children to a sustainable school environment. To do so, I applied what I was best at: my art. I designed t-shirts and created a campaign “Let Us Bloom” to raise money and along this project i discovered new ways to reach out to my community. One of my many dreams is to open up an online store where the profits would all go to a charity supporting Education. I also used my love for  art for the better cause by drawing other people’s pictures with my own personal touch. The profit made here also went to UNICEF.

Another form of art i do is photography. When i went on a trip to a village in China, i captured shots of the native people to bring back to Canada and open a new perspective to our local folks. I showed a world they’ve never seen before and got lots of positive feedback. My photos were displayed in my highschool and to my community.

In my free time, I tutor and teach art classes to kids in elementary. I hope one day I can work in the educational field and help children learn in my community and across the world.

Thank you for supporting my dreams and aspirations as I grow with this title of Miss Teenage Lower Mainland. Here’s to all the great things that will come!


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Some experiences are meant to make an impact in one’s life and when I landed in Toronto on August 7th at 1:50pm, I knew that this would be one of them. While I walked around the airport with some of the other BC girls, we ended up running into more of our pageant girls and I got even more excited! After reaching the hotel, the next big surprise was our roommates.

I got put with Cassie, Miss Teenage Nipissing! We settled into our rooms, and relaxed for a few hours until it was time to meet our sponsors. Our amazing sponsor party happened at the Edward Village Hotel in Toronto at around 7:00pm.

With over 55+ girls in room, it was definitely time to introduce ourselves and try and remember each other’s names! Michelle and Rob gave some speeches and then we were left to explore the sponsor party on our own. The first thing my roommate and I wanted to do was to grab our province designated sashes, which were all laid out on display!

The Nine West table was definitely my favourite because I was eyeing the heels the entire time. We were encouraged to try on these shoes, since they’re the same ones we’ll receive this week!

Our sponsors range from small to medium size business entrepreneurs who see effects of pageants on society and want to impact and support it for the better. All of our sponsors, in one way or another, relate to pageants and this ends up being a perfect partnership for both of us!

Moving along the line, I found Rob running the Archer Dental booth and giving away small bags of goodies to everyone. These bags held dental supplies (toothbrushes & toothpaste) from a very famous Toronto dentist- Dr Natalie Archer. Natalie has supported the pageant for many years and is a local business leader who supports women in the sciences too.


Now, if you remember reading my Street Chic article, you probably want to know about the roots of the magazine too! Lilly Liao from the magazine was there. Her team is very successful and has published over thirty fashion blogs along with over half of them submitted by the Miss Teenage Canada delegates. Lily even gave every delegate a beautiful pair of earrings. This magazine really showcases the uniqueness of everyone’s fashion styles and concepts. If I had one word of advice for Lily’s magazine I would say that it should have the links of the websites of the fashion companies.

Here is the link to my Street Chic article called Vancity Chic:

Vancity Chic in New Westminster, Vancouver



These super gorgeous time pieces were brought from Dahlia DeSouza from UptotheTime Watches! These amazing watches are available on their online catalog. We all received a necklace and in addition to that we were asked the pick the watch we would want if we WON the Miss Teenage Canada title next Sunday night.


Judy, a music teacher from the Wandering Minstrel Music School in Missisauga brought us a very special #SongSelfie challenge for Instagram. We were allowed to select one out of five instruments and record a performance for Instagram using the #songselfie hashtag. The prize is a new cordless microphone and the video with the most likes at the end of the night on Wednesday, will receive it.





Everytime the delegates posted something on Instagram with the #MTC2017 , Hashtagio would come in handy. The hashtagio social media aggregator collects and displays all the best shots on the website in a special manner! Standard Telecom is co-sponsoring this service and all week long we are encouraged to post our favourite moments using that hashtag!






I love accessories so I can say that I was beyond excited to see Super Adorbs as one of our sponsors! Their accessories will highlight any style, or occasion. The main headquarters are in Toronto but, thankfully, the company does sell online all across Canada! You can seriously showcase individuality with their accessories.

Facebook: Instagram: @superadorbsco
Social Media Contest:  A special $70 gift pack from Super Adorbs will be given to the contestant with the best social media coverage! The most important step is to hashtag it ‘superadorbsco’ . The gift pack will be filled with accessories and goodies. Thank you Super Adorbs!

Extra Fun: Another thing our amazing sponsor Super Adorbs gave to us is 3 Geofilters on Snapchat which we can use between 5-10pm every night!

The Super Adorbs table was run by Alice Li, Miss Toronto World 2017 who was in this very room a couple of weeks ago competing for Miss World Canada. Alice did amazing and placed fourth place!

The night ended with pizza, cake and lots of fun! Thank you sponsors for making this experience amazing for us, and for all your support!



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As we start the countdown towards the pageant week, there are certain tasks and fun activities we have to do. One of such, was when I got to foray into the fashion street styles found in Lower Mainland. My task was to pick a street in my region, and interview the locals on what they’re wearing and how that style is incorporated in their daily lifestyle. I chose the street of Quayside Drive in New Westminster. This street holds significance because New Westminster is a place where diversity is really showcased and that’s what I wanted to capture.

I asked locals to give me a little biography about themselves, so I can better try to understand them. Being Miss Teenage Lower Mainland isn’t just about attending events and being a local celebrity. It’s about connecting to your community and getting to know the people that continuously support you as a whole, and that’s just what I tried to. Learning about these people’s lives gave me better insight on different cultures and I learnt a lot from it. Let’s dabble a little into the uniqueness of the styles found.

Photography: Shubhi Singh

All 3 of these amazing women have their own unique style going on and that the beauty in it. Ketki (left side) gave a very powerful message “I believe in staying classy and elegant and let yourself stand out with your simplicity. I think that inner beauty of a person matters more than the outer appearances. The substance of your personality, makes you, YOU. So stay simple, have faith, love nature and stay beautiful”.

During this shoot, people actually started thinking about what materials their clothes are made from and whether it’s affecting the environment or not. This experience not only credits the work of designers but brings it to the centre of attention using the online magazine, Street Chic. This blog post is the smallest sneak peak ever to the actual article I wrote! You can view the original article right here:

Vancity Chic in New Westminster, Vancouver

Thank you Street Chic for giving me this amazing opportunity. Thank you all for the love and support you continuously provide me with. I look forward to being a part of your lives, during the pageant week.


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.


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The slogan for B.C is ‘Beautiful British Columbia’ and my region sure does prove it right. It doesn’t matter where you are because there is always a gorgeous scenic location just 10 minutes away. That’s why, when talking about my favourite place in B.C , it’s really hard to narrow it down to only one location! My favourite place would have to be the New Westminster Quay because of the historical significance it holds. A long time ago, this city was chosen as the capital of the new colony of British Columbia by Queen Victoria herself. New Westminster soon started to be called “The Royal City” and was the first city in Western Canada. It used to be considered the ‘downtown’ of Vancouver until just a little while ago. Since this place also used to be a port for ships, the New Westminster Quay captures the true significance and beauty of this gorgeous city.

The Quay includes a River Market. This River Market has everything from a farmer’s market to restaurants, gift shops and learning centres. Services such as pottery making, Vancouver Circus School, and riverboat tours are all available here. Very soon, a ferry will also be starting from here to a cute little city called Queensborough. The River Market is also a great place to grab gelato!

When headed towards the right side of the Quay, it won’t be hard to miss these adorable houses! There are multiple little complexes/townhomes right alongside the Quay which enhance the beauty. Someone living in a place likes this must be truly happy because they’ve got everything they ever need. A gorgeous view of the river, a market and everything is in walking distance!



Speaking of the river, let’s not forget who it was named after. The Fraser River was named after Simon Fraser, who built the first European settlement in B.C. Simon Fraser was a fur-trader and explorer who mapped most of what is now known as British Columbia. He was in charge of building the area’s first trading port, thus he ended up exploring the Fraser River, now named after him. The New West Quay honors him with this statue.

While exploring the Quay, if you walk towards the left side, there is a nice sitting area, with lounge chairs, an amazing view of the river and even a playground for kids. This is a great spot for a picnic, lunch or just a day out with friends or family. You’ll find entertainment, food, and a peaceful place to relax. The Quay almost always has something going on! On Wednesdays, there is free yoga in the park. Thursdays is Music By the River. And Fridays are always buzzing with Fridays On Front which showcases the night market! It’s never a dull moment there.

New West Quay became my favourite place because whenever I needed time to think, a place to write poetry or just to relax, it always offered me a welcoming and calm environment. My thoughts cleared up here and I found myself wanting to come back every now and then. I would be surrounded by flowers, water, and a very busy place but it always seemed to comfort me. The most unique part of the Quay is that no matter how busy it gets, you can always find a place to yourself and your thoughts.  

One of the best things at the Quay, is the bridge that connects it. This cool, lit up bridge is even more beautiful at night and in the evenings because of it’s lighting. It ties everything together and connects the Quay to the rest of the city showing that it’s an important part of New Westminster.

This was just a mini tour of MY favourite place in BC. I want to know what your favourite place in your region is, so comment and let me know!

Thank you all for your continuous support, it means the world to me! Stay tuned for my other blog assignments and updates during pageant week.


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.


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W.E Kinvig Elementary

I started my summer off my giving back to the community that I grew up in. My immediate first thought was to give back to the very own elementary school I went to. I spent 3 days at W.E Kinvig Elementary reading to the kids, helping in classrooms and giving talks about self-love, body image and advice for high school. Seeing everything these kids accomplished in just a few years of their lives was totally mind-blowing. The Leaders for Change group and the Girls Group have brought immense change to their community and school.





Canada 150 Parade

One of the most memorable parts of my summer, was being a part of the Canada 150 parade held in Downtown Vancouver! I was joined by Miss Teenage British Columbia, and Miss Teenage Vancouver. The day was full of decorating the car, going on a Starbucks run, doing photo-ops, and smiling and waving at thousands of people! The parade was covered live by Shaw TV.


Carnaval Del Sol

I had the honour of volunteering for the biggest Latin American festival in BC. My day was spent with 2 amazing girls who helped me learn the basics of our stall. We greeted kids, let them draw, paint and make their own paper sombreros (hats). We were welcomed with cheerful music, bright smiles, positive attitudes, and delicious food!


North Shore Women’s Centre- Girls Empowerment Camp

The 1hr 30min journey to get to North Vancouver, was totally worth it. I went in a little worried because I was nervous to be talking about my experiences and to try and create memorable moments for these girls. When I entered the room, I was greeted with positive attitudes who were very excited to learn about self-love and body image! In those 45 minutes I didn’t just talk about my experiences, I learnt about their lives too. Every one of these girls has a unique passion that they drive towards, and that was really powerful for me. At the end of my session, I asked all of them to create a list of ways they could learn to love and respect themselves more and they did an incredible job.



Surrey Fusion Festival

I was joined by winners from a different pageant (Miss B.C)

When people talk about the most crowded event of Surrey during the summer, it’s almost always about the Surrey Fusion Festival! This event brings many countries together to try and showcase the diversity of our community. With hundreds of food, clothing and promotional stalls, it’s the most hyped event of every year and this year they completely outdid themselves! With it being Canada’s 150th birthday, the Surrey Fusion Festival had multiple stages with amazing performers. They also had special figures from all over Canada come and join them, and I was honoured to be a part of that list! I got to be a part of the opening ceremony, parade, and do autograph signing sessions along with photo-ops.  





I’ve got a few more exciting events left, so make sure to follow along! Also, keep an eye out for my blog assignments- coming very soon.


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.



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Little Black Dress Gala Spring 2017

When I looked into the audience, the room was buzzing with laughter, excitement and joy! To see over 1000 people ready to help their community was truly powerful for me. The Little Black Dress Gala is a charity fashion show which is put together to showcase local designers while fundraising for Help Change My City. The evening celebrates Vancouver’s multiculturalism, performing arts, fashion and the positive change happening in the lives of our youth! Help Change My City works directly with those in need. They help troubled and unprivileged youth in Vancouver find employment and provide education bursaries to those looking to get a higher education. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to model at this event.

Designer: Julie Blaney , Photographer: Jason W Media


The Walk To Fight Arthritis

The Walk To Fight Arthritis is held all over Canada by the Arthritis Society. The Walk is a fundraising event that happens in communities around the country to fund a cure and improve the lives of those fighting with arthritis. I was so empowered by the amazing turnout and all the effort put in by the volunteers, sponsors and the organizers! Over 8000 people came together in 41 communities all across Canada and ended up raising $1.25 million to support the Arthritis Society!  I’m proud that I could help with such an amazing cause!

Jennifer Chen from the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and I were very excited to have booths next to each other!


Exciting News!

As a self-love and empowerment advocator, I have been looking for different ways to provide teens with the resources and help they might need to feel secure. I want teens to have a safe space where they can talk about their issues and where I can help them in a one-on-one conversation. I’m highly proud to say that Safeteen and I are partnering together to create a healthy and productive environment for Vancouver teens. We plan on leading workshops and discussions together to teach teens about self confidence and empowerment. Since there are a lot of things that need to be worked out to be able to plan efficiently, our workshops/programs will be effective in September 2017.


What’s Next?

Amazing hair and make-up by CRAFT Academy Salon!

I’ve got a lot of cool events planned, so please stay tuned for pictures and details! As per media coverage I was featured in the North Delta Reporter-( . And I have a few more exciting interviews coming up so keep following me on social media to hear about those. I am also happy to announce that I have my first sponsor! CRAFT Academy Salon is my official hair and make-up sponsor for all my Vancouver events! .

For sponsorship enquiries please email me at:




So that’s it for now folks, stay tuned to follow my journey and keep loving!



Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.


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Hi everyone! I’m Samriddhi, your new Miss Teenage Lower Mainland. I couldn’t be any more thrilled to be able to say that! Miss Teenage British Columbia gave me more than just a crown, sash, and title; it gave me amazing new friends. When I applied for this pageant, I had no clue what to expect. This was my first ever pageant and I didn’t expect to have created so many friendships, but I did. I will always cherish the experience of this pageant and I hope to create many more special bonds during the Miss Teenage Canada pageant. Thank you to everyone for their continuous support! Before I continue talking about my background, I would like to talk about my platform first, as it is something that I deeply believe in and it is this belief that has brought me to where I stand today.

My main focus with the pageant is to spread self-love. Self love is all about teaching young girls to love themselves regardless of race, religion or culture. When you’re filled with love, you’re ready to spread love. The process starts with loving your own self first. It’s about respecting your body, and knowing that you can make a huge difference, if you just believe in yourself. Looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you’re beautiful, strong, compassionate and you hold the power to do anything you wish, is an incredible way to love yourself. It’s so important to believe that you have the power to feel beautiful and I would love it if I could make young girls feel that love and respect for themselves. So, here’s to knowing more about me!

I was born in British Columbia, but at the age of 3, I moved to New Delhi, India. I lived in India for about 4 years and even did a few years of schooling there. When I was 6 years old, I enrolled in the National School of Drama. During that time, I played my first ever role as a grandmother.  It was hard to portray but that made me love the complexity of acting. Soon after, we moved back to B.C. and I became aware of a local theatre company. My elder sister and I joined and continued to polish our acting skills. A lot of my acting skills and techniques have developed from watching my sister. During my time at the theatre company, I played various roles such as a puppeteer, pirate, and also a school principal.

I was very active in my elementary school and I was involved in basically everything. My time was spent helping at the breakfast club, library, assemblies and doing the morning announcements. I also created and ran the Young Writer’s Club in grade 5. In grade 6 I took a part in my school’s musical called “Spring Games” and had a big solo song and dance. Being a hyper child and not being able to sit still for too long, I decided to join dance classes. Kathak is a traditional classical dance form of the Indian culture. I have been learning Kathak for 3 years and my trio attained the first place prize at the Surrey Festival of Dance, last year.

At the start of high school, I decided to take a part in the Delta Film Academy. I learned from industry professionals and continued my education on the film industry. I played the lead role in a short film, during my time at the academy. The film was created by Kama Sood and titled “The Test”. Soon after, during the summer of 2016, I signed on with an acting agency. Besides acting, I enjoy poetry writing thoroughly. My interests also include drawing/painting and cooking/baking.

I strongly believe that everything that I have achieved in my life is through the belief of self love. It’s all about your own thought process and believing in yourself. I’m very grateful for everyone’s love and support. Be sure to continue following me throughout my reign to learn more about my insights and to follow all of my social media accounts to be a part of my journey, as a Miss Teenage Canada delegate!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Until next time,

Love, Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2017.

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